Adult Hockey

Men’s League Director: Michael LaPato

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Willowbrook Ice Arena is excited to offer Adult Men’s Hockey Leagues beginning November 4th. Skaters may sign up as a team or be placed on a team prior to the beginning of each season. Each team will be permitted to roster 22 players and each player will be required to register with USA Hockey. All skaters must be at least 18 years of age. The game play totals below include the regular season plus the first playoff game. Please see the league descriptions below and determine where your team fits best.

Online Registration is open!!


Open Hockey:

Open hockey times can be found on the daily schedule. Open Hockey admission is $10


A League: 18 games for $4,500 per team

The Willowbrook Ice Arena Adult Hockey A League will run from 11/5/18 – 5/31/19 and is comprised of players with at least varsity high school hockey experience. There are no talent restrictions or age limits in this division. If you are looking for a competitive game each night, this division is for you.
Game Days and Start Times:
Monday at 10:40pm
Thursday at 9:50pm
Sunday at 7:50pm and 9:20pm

B League: 18 games for $4,500 per team

The Willowbrook Ice Arena Adult Hockey B League will run from 11/5/18 – 5/31/19 and is comprised of players with little to no youth hockey experience. If you have taken some time away from the sport and are looking to get back on the ice or you are self – taught with 0-5 years experience, this league is for you. Players with varsity high school hockey or equivalent experience are restricted from skating in this division.
Game Days and Start Times:
Tuesday at 9:50pm
Wednesday at 10:40pm
Sunday at 7:50pm and 9:20pm

Make up games for both Leagues will be on Friday or Saturday evenings
Team USA Hockey registration required for A and B Leagues


Adult Instructional

Willowbrook Ice Arena offers a weekly Adult Instructional Class on the Skills Rink. Each class will be divided equally between skating, stickhandling, catching and shooting, and small area games. If you have basic skating ability and are looking to develop the other fundamentals of the sport, or you are an experienced skater looking to sharpen your skills for your weekly Adult League game, this class is for you.

Tuesday evenings beginning 11/6/18
$25 per session
6 session for $120


Refunds will be issued after the first meeting of the class, program or activity only if:

  • The District receives written doctor’s excuse accompanied by written request for refund

A class credit may be issued upon approval of the program coordinator. Refunds/credits will be prorated for classes attended. Withdrawal from a program is subject to a $5.00 administrative charge.

All refund requests must be made in writing and accompanied by a receipt for proof of payment. Credit memos will be issued to participants who do not have a receipt. Classes, programs, or activities cancelled by Willowbrook Ice Arena are subject to a full refund.