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Summer Adult Hockey Leage

Get involved with our UPCOMING Adult Hockey League starting this SUMMER! Click on the link below to learn all about our brand new adult hockey leagues!

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Experienced Hockey Player?

Have lots of Hockey experience? 

Little Experience and wanting to join a hockey league?

Join our brand new adult hockey leagues. It is a great way to continue playing the intense game of hockey. Even if you haven't had lots of experience playing hockey or always wanted to learn and be apart of a hockey team this is your chance to get in on all the action! 


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Frequently asked Questions!

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General Information about our Adult Hockey League
  • 3 on 3: 3/4 ice games
    • 3 skaters at a time using 3/4th of the ice.
  • 55 minute running clock with 1 minute horn shift change
  • No off sides, No whistles
  • 100% NO CHECKING!!!
  • 12 players per team
  • Individual Sign Ups
  • Player's Jerseys Included

3 Levels

    • A Level: Advance Players
      • Have played juniors, collegiate, triple A experience.
    • B Level: Intermediate Players
      • Played Youth/High School Hockey
    • C Level: Beginner
      • Novice player, very little or no experience.
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