How do I get to Willowbrook Ice Arena?

  • 201 63rd St.
    Willowbrook, IL 60527



Do you offer both hockey and figure skating?


When do you offer public skating?


How do I sign up for a figure skating class?
  • Sign up using our Online Portal or in person at Willowbrook Ice Arena at 201 63rd St., Willowbrook, IL 60527.


How do I contact the figure skating director?
  • Best way to contact the figure skating director is emailing her. Her email is [email protected]
  • If you wish to talk to the figure skating director email her a good number to contact you with and she will call you back and answer your questions over the phone.
  • Stop by Willowbrook Ice Arena and speak to her in person.
On what days do you offer skate school?
  • Skate School is currently offered:

Monday: 5:35pm (September 2023- May 2024)

Wednesday - 5:15pm (June/July 2024)

Friday: 5:15 and 6:15pm

Saturday: 8:30 and 9:30am

Not all classes are available at all time slots

Can I rent skates at Willowbrook Ice Arena?
  • Yes! You can rent skates for $3
  • You may also purchase a rental punch card for multiple skate rentals.
How much do figure skating classes cost?
  • Class price depends on the level your skater will be enrolling in and number of weeks in the session
  • Below are the class level, price, and the duration of the class of our typical 8-week session.

Snowplow Sam Classes: $185 (30 minutes)

Basic Skills Class: $195 (45 minutes)

Adult and Pre-Teen Classes: $195 (45 minutes)

Freestyle Classes: $205 (45 minutes)

Students capable of skating alone may warm up for 15 minutes before class

Are rental skates included in the class fee?
  • No rental skates are not included in the class fee. That is a separate expense.
  • You can rent skates for $3.
  • You may also purchase a  rental punch card for multiple skate rentals.
Are helmets and gloves required for hockey?
  • Yes, all hockey players must wear hockey helmets and gloves. No bicycle helmets allowed.
  • We do not offer helmets to rent at our facility. You must bring your own helmet.


What class would I sign up my son or daughter in if they have never skated and are between the ages 3-5?
  • You would sign them up for Snowplow Sam 1, the first introductory level, designed to teach children between the ages of 3-5 with no skating experience.


What class would I sign up my son or daughter in if they have never skated and are between the ages 6-11?
  • You would sign them up for Basic 1, the first introductory level class designed to teach children between the ages 6-11 with no experience or very little skating experience.


What class would I sign up my son or daughter in if they are 11 or older and have never skated, but wanted to try without being in a class with a lot of younger kids?
  • Sign them up for our Pre-Teen Class! They will be able to learn how to skate and because they are in class with kids around their age they will feel comfortable and enjoy learning.


My son or daughter has skating experience, but I don’t know what level to put them in.
  • Email Figure Skating Director Jenna Reimann and detail your child's skating experience, their age, and if they have participated in another skate school program at another rink. With this information, she will be able to tell you what level to put your son or daughter in.


How should my skater dress for class?
  • Gloves, headband or hat, warm athletic pants, warm athletic jacket, socks, and any additional layers to keep them warm is fine.


I’m an adult and have always wanted to learn how to skate, can I sign up?
  • Yes! We offer an Adult Class. This class is for adults who either have no experience and want to learn how to skate or have some experience and want to work on their skating skills.


How do I know if my son or daughter has passed a level in the figure skating program?
  • At the second to last week of the program, your child will receive a report card on the specific skills they have focused on at that level. On the report card, you will see how the coach has evaluated their progress and the top of the report card will indicate what level they will be in during the next session. If you are unsure, you can always ask the coach who has been teaching their level or email the figure skating director: [email protected].


What if my son or daughter didn’t pass a level?
  • It is okay if your child did not pass the level they have been skating in. Every skater learns at a different pace. Sometimes certain levels take a second session to master the skills in that level. As they progress throughout the program the levels get progressively harder. Sometimes repeating a level gives skaters a little more time on specific skills which will make them stronger in the long run.


What can I do to help my son or daughter pass a level or increase their improvement?
  • You can ask their coach or the figure skating director for specific ideas to help your child improve.
  • You can take your child to public skates for extra practice time on the ice.
  • Or inquire about private lessons.


Can we make up a class if we miss a day?
  • Yes, but you must contact the figure skating director through email at least an hour before the missed class and indicate what day you will make it up in the upcoming week.
  • If you do not email the skate director at least an hour before the class, you will not be able to receive that make-up class unless you have a doctor's note or some other documentation that explains the absence.
  • Only one make-up class per session is allowed


Can I drop in to try the class to see if they like the class before registering?

Yes but you must follow our drop-in policy:

  • Drop-in classes depend on the amount of students are in the class. If the class exceeds 7 skaters, drop-ins are not allowed.
  • You have to email the figure skating director first to see the availability of classes and to see which class they can drop in on.
  • You cannot purchase a drop-in class after the fourth week of the session.
  • Drop in classes are $30 dollars.
  • You are allowed only one drop-in class.
  • Upon purchasing a drop-in class you will be asked to make an account at the front desk if you have not already made an account online.
  • If you want to register your child after the drop-in class, you must sign your child up at the front desk that day to avoid a late fee and receive one pro-rated class.


If I have more questions about the program who is the best person to contact?

Contact figure skating director Jenna Reimann via email with any questions or concerns regarding your child or the skating program.

What is your Refund Policy?

Learn to Skate Classes/Youth Hockey - Should a client decide after completion of ONE class they would like to drop from the session, a  pro-rated refund will be granted. A $20 processing fee will be added. After two classes have been attended, NO refunds will be given. After three classes have been offered no refunds will be given for any reason. Ice Rental - NO refunds. Freestyle Punchcards - No Refunds. Punchcards expire one year from date of purchase.

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